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21 Jul 2017

Tips for Advertising With Graphic Design


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Posted By Sarah C.

Ask just about any business owner and they will tell you, "Don't skimp on signage."

If you have a small business or are in charge of advertising and marketing for a larger company, you know how stagnant some advertising campaigns can become. Graphic design is imperative to your company's success advertising, as it is a consumer's "first taste" of your company.

It is important to be able to convey not only your company's services in an advertisement, but also its mission and the general feel of the company as well. Is it traditional and straight laced? Or is it modern and contemporary? Effectively using graphic design to convey these sentiments is an important facet of your business, and you can do it in many ways.

The first way many are introduced to you are through your business cards. Take a moment to think about how many business cards you have handed out, and how impressionable a simple card can be. This is the greatest reminder of who you are and what you do, and you want the design, format, font and graphics on the card to reflect on you the way you want to impress upon people. Choose your design carefully, knowing that the card is a direct representation of who you are and what you do.

Brochures are a great way to advertise some of the services your company might offer. But if your brochures are a little lack luster, consider punching them up with a new graphic design using environmental printing. Although brochures are used primarily to pass along information, they way they are laid out are just as important as the information.

This is because the information can't get to the potential clients if they don't have a desire to even read it. Make sure that you have an eye catching design with the important facets of your company printed larger; that way, if a potential client is simply skimming over the information, they can get the general gist of what you are offering quickly and easily, without having to search for it and potentially not reading it all.

Graphic design is a tool that you will need to utilize in your advertising and stationary campaigns. Along with environmental printing, it is a way to use words and pictures to convey your company's mission statement and business offerings, and often can make or break your business. Remember: don't skimp on the signage!


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