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13 Jul 2017

How to Find Careers in Computer Graphic Design


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Posted By Brady M.

Careers in graphic design are expected to be one of the largest and fastest growing job markets through 2014. Most careers will be in computer , website design, and computer animation design. Competition will continue to be steep, even though a lot of jobs are available for someone pursuing a career in computer graphic design. This is because computer graphic design is a popular area of study, and many people pursue computer graphic design as either a career, a hobby, or a part time freelancing gig.

Careers in computer graphic design require a four year college degree, or Bachelor's Degree. Some technical positions can be obtained with only a two year college degree, or Associate's Degree. However, these careers will not go far without further education. It is important to understand the need for formal education. Sometimes you can get a degree not related to graphic design. Perhaps you went to college and got a degree in computer programming. You can easily transfer your computer programming skills over to graphic design and website design. The field of graphic design is very flexible with skills. Decide what skills you have that would fit perfectly into graphic design.

About thirty percent of those in a graphic design career work independently as freelancers. About half of job seekers who work as freelancers are also holding steady jobs in design or other computer related careers. Freelancing is definitely a viable option, as small businesses and individuals continue to have more need for design services, but cannot afford the rates of design firms.

There are many other careers in computer graphic design. You can seek a career in print or audio advertising, television or film media, and book or magazine publishing. You can seek a career in large or small graphic design firms, giving you a wider variety of work, but a steady stream of work. Or, you can seek a career as a freelancer, giving you a wider variety of work, but the need to work hard to keep clients coming so that you have a steady stream of work.

If you wish to pursue a career, a college degree, desire, and knowing where you want to go is not enough. You need to develop skills in computer graphic design software and other computer related skills. You will also need to develop a portfolio, which is a collection of your best work. These portfolios are often the deciding factor on who gets a job and who is still waiting to start their career.

Once you have completed your education and you know where you are going, the next step in your pursuit is to find that first, entry level job. Computer graphic design jobs can be found through online job boards, classified ads both in print and online, and through your college or universities job placement center. Freelance jobs can be found through online job boards, classifieds, and work for hire job boards. Work for hire job boards work much better than other careers, because everyone understands that graphic design is an expensive endeavor.


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