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10 Jul 2017

Working Under a High Pressure Deadline


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Posted By Roderick O.

A lifetime ago, a young man was a graphic artist. He spent much of his time working with electronic media in the creation of visual presentations for advertising clients. Through the use of computer aided design tools this man was able to produce numbers layout and documents for use by professionals in a variety of different fields. On project in particular involved the production of an annual report for the regional office of the Boy Scouts of America.

The project parameters required the use of data compiled by the administrators of the of the scout office to be interspersed with photographs of the executive officers and volunteers that contributed to the success of the boy scouts in the area. There were also many other photographs and charts that had to be produced and scanned for the layout of the booklet format of the annual report.

The placement of the articles and information was accomplished by the use of digital layout program that allowed for a variety of columns and boxes where pictures could be imported and placed into the document. The images of the photographs required a high resolution scan of each photo that was converted through a graphic program to meet the standards of printing the finished product on an offset printing press.

The process of scanning more than 50 photos took some time back in those days as the scanner would pull out the detail of each photograph will exacting detail and transfer the image to the computer screen were it was sized and altered through the graphic design program.

Because printed images are required to be at least 300 dots per inch or dpi to be clearly seen by people reviewing the material the scanner was a special model that could capture images at as much as 2400 dpi to show the detail of the image. After being manipulated for color correction and sizing the scan was saved in a format that made it ease to insert into the layout of the document.

What the administrator at the Boy Scout office had neglected to let the designer know was that the whole project was due to the printer in only three days from the time that the raw materials were dropped off to the designer until the readied disc was to be delivered to the printer for production of the 24 page annual report.

Working around the clock for two straight days the graphic designer was able to scan and place all of the pictures with their appropriate text and hand in the finished project with revisions by the deadline. The finished version of the report was more than the administrator had hoped for and the report was dispersed with prideful relief.


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